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Video Visitation

How can Video Visitation benefit your facility?

The Video Visitation (VV)  and Video Voicemail (VVM) solution from TKC provides a secure yet convenient and efficient means for inmates to visit with friends and family members from either home or on-site. Fully integrated into the TurnKey Inmate Kiosk, this feature dramatically increases accessibility for inmates while improving security for jail staff.


TKC offers video visitation at an industry low rate of $0.39/minute while still providing you increased revenue.


  • On & Off-site visitation options.

  • Facilities are able to watch, listen, stop and restrict visits.

  • TKC monitors VV & VVM daily.

  • VVM offers the ability to send a video message or leave a message when a call is unanswered, increasing revenue for your facility.

  • Real-time notifications of inmate visits sent to law enforcement.

  • Fully recorded with the ability to watch and download in real-time or later.

  • Exportable and fully admissible in a court of law.

  • Web-based service provides better reliability and easier service and maintenance.

How it works:

  • Set visitor limits as you see fit.

  • Require users to register by taking a photo of themselves and their identification card, providing your jail with the critical data to perform a background check.

  • Your staff will be able to approve or deny as deemed necessary.

  • Set blanket approval letting outside users visit instantly after creating an approved account.

  • Requires a strong Internet connection to work effectively.
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