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Inmate Messaging

We approach inmate communication in two big ways:

1) Simplifying access and monitoring of inmate's messaging with their family and friends,

2) Reduce staff time spent while simultaneously generating revenue for your facility.

Email & SMS

Inmate Email and Text-to-Email for outside users is the fastest growing revenue maker for TKC facilities. This feature allows for greater jail security while turning a significant expense into a reliable revenue source.

  • All emails are stored indefinitely, exportable, and fully admissible in a court.

  • Review emails or pass them straight through to inmates.

  • Emails can be scored and flagged for inappropriate words.

  • Inmates have the ability to originate or reply to messages.

  • Indigent programs are available, providing additional savings vs. postage.

  • Free arrest notification allows inmates to enter email addresses to notify family and friends of their incarceration. Proven to lower phone calls to the facility.

  • Reduction in staff time handling phone, mail, etc.

Automated Messaging and Kites

TEAM software will provide your facility a 'green' approach to intra-facility communication. Our industry-leading software streamlines all of your previous paper documents into one automated system.

  • Customize all kites, medical requests, grievance forms, etc.

  • Staff can respond directly to inmates or set up automatic replies.

  • Maintain full communication records.

  • Route requests directly to the appropriate correctional staff.

  • Customize your booking process, including PREA acknowledgment.

Mobile phone is the most used avenue to utilize our services for
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