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We're here to revolutionize your business with our cutting-edge SaaS Solutions

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming option to license our proprietary software. Our innovative and market-leading commissary, accounting, kiosk, tablet, text, email, video visit, picture mail, phone, kitchen services, and wholesale supply is exclusively powered by our in-house developed proprietary software TEAM3 (TurnKey Elite Account Management 3). TEAM3 is a web-based software developed from decades of feedback and requests from the actual clients that we’ve served over the years.

About Us:
We are a family-owned company committed to delivering top-notch solutions for over 25 years. Our time-tested kiosks are designed and manufactured in-house.  Our tablets have been crafted to our specifications, ensuring a 24+ hour video run time, without compromising safety. Other companies have approached us with acquisition inquiries, but rest assured, our company is NOT for sale.

Competitive Edge:
Unlike our competitors, we refuse to engage in bidding wars with our clients, your success is our success. We prioritize you and will not solicit accounts where your customers are present. Our hardware won’t be liability; from kiosks to tablets our products are designed and tested for safety in a correctional environment. When it comes to our software, we do not rely on external third parties for ANY aspect of our services.

Key Features of Our Offering:

  • No Administrative Fees: We do not charge any administrative fees for our services.

  • Transparent Pricing: Our pricing structure is clear, with no hidden charges.

  • No Lock-In Contracts: We believe in building long-term partnerships, and hence, we do not impose contracts to lock you in.

  • Cloud-Based Software: Our cloud-based software ensures accessibility and easy updates.

  • Financial Flexibility: Weekly credit card deposits into your accounts and you pay us at the end of the month.

  • Tablets – UL certified, wireless charging, 24+ Video run time, full kiosk capability including phone and video, no monthly fees per inmate like others charge.

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Access the same reports we use, with full control over software permissions.

  • Kitchen Services: We offer kitchen services for your jails, receive a 10% discount when adding Kitchen services from us.

  • Legal Services: Offer the addition of legal services to your kiosks, at no additional cost to you (Locations may need to pay any required subscriptions)

  • Commissary Buying Discounts: Ask us about how we can save you on your commissary buying, receive a 10% discount when purchasing commissary from us.

  • White label: Make this your brand and grow your business, call it what you want it’s yours.


  • Inmate Kiosk: $2,499

  • Lobby Kiosk (Credit Card Only): $3,499

  • Lobby Kiosk (with Printer and Bill Acceptor): $3,999

  • Booking Change/Coin Acceptor: $1,499

  • Tablets (UL Certified, Phone Size): $175 each with a 6-month warranty

  • Charging Station (UL Certified): $899

  • All equipment has no monthly fees, with other you may see $50 to $150/month per device.

Simple Service Charges:

  • Online Deposits: $1 plus 4% of the total

  • Online Commissary Orders: $1 plus 4% of the total from outside online orders

  • Video Visiting: 10 cents per minute (you keep the rest)

  • Texting: 10 cents per text (you keep the rest)

  • Phone: 10 cents per minute (you keep the rest)

  • Music/Video/Book downloads: $0.25 per charged download (you keep the rest)

  • Charge backs: $19/charge back plus the deposit amount no added admin fees

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Video Visit/Phone Call Monitoring & Transcribing: FREE

  • Inmate Grievance System using AI functionality for auto-responses: FREE

  • Text/Email Monitored with AI capabilities: FREE

  • Investigative services powered by proprietary AI research services: FREE

  • Customer Service: FREE, because we invest in you.

  • Setup Fee for Video Visitation: FREE

  • New Site Setup: FREE

  • Custom Software Programming: FREE

  • Inmate Transfers for Phone: FREE

  • Vending Machines: Free - Use our Vending Hub® software for frictionless ordering via kiosk/tablet or at the machine for no additional charge.


Your Success is Our Priority:

We do not impose exclusivity contracts or make promises we cannot keep. Our software and services speak for themselves. You will have ongoing access to your data, as we believe in supporting your success above all else.

Final Note:

If your current commissary software provider is pressuring you to sign a new contract, we ask you to reconsider. We have witnessed contracts that favor the software provider, not you. Our business is built on transparency, fairness, and a commitment to doing what’s right for all parties involved.

Thank you for considering our comprehensive solutions. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you. Connect with us below.


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