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Meet My Connection Hub™

My Connection Hub or 'The Hub' is a handheld kiosk that allows your inmates to text, make phone calls, video visit, and more!


Put simply, "The Hub" is a full kiosk in your hands. You're in control, our tablets are fully customizable to meet the philosophies and practices of your facility - turn on and off features as you wish.

Running a jail is hard, your providers should make it easier.

The Hub takes your kiosk and multiplies it throughout your facility. By increasing the points of contact available to inmates we increase: 

- Accessibility

- Service Utilization

- Benefits of Communication

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Plug & Play

Charging all the handhelds in your jail seems daunting, we've got solutions!

Ease of use is important

An often overlooked part of adding devices to a jail is how they will be set up and maintained. With the new trend moving forward toward handheld devices, charging individual devices can quickly become an overwhelming experience for jail staff. Like our other services, TKC takes pride in creating safe and effective ways for jails to access and use our products.
The Hub charging deck will make device check in/out and charging a breeze for your staff. 

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