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Facility Support

How does TKC support your facility?

TKC gives your facility a custom solution to meet your philosophies and practices. We are uniquely able to do this because we develop and own all software code as well as maintain and control every aspect of our system. TKC can provide your facility with the solutions that impact all facets of your jail operations. Got a problem? We have a solution.


  • Versatile: Web-based solutions make the system completely scalable to any size facility.

  • Customizable: TKC can customize a solution that fits your needs, your inmate count, and your jail.

  • Durable and Dependable: TKC kiosks perform. Ask for our entire client list - our system works day after day and the impact goes well beyond selling candy bars.

  • Streamlined: TurnKey cuts out the corporate red-tape, by providing you personalized service that is second to none. We look at our clients as business partners - we are here to help you achieve your goals.

  • Innovative: TKC owns every aspect of the system, including the code, kiosk development, shipping and service. At TKC, we are leading the industry in providing the latest advancements in corrections technology.





What makes TKC the best choice for your facility?

  • A Variety of Products: A healthy mix of branded products and generic products provide the options and price points your clients are looking for. 

  • More Points of Sale: TKC pioneered the use of the inmate kiosk in 2001. We place kiosks in your facility right away. Get to know our handheld kiosk option as well!

  • Our Internet Portal and Marketing: Nearly 70% of funds deposited into our system are done online. TKC efficiently gathers data from inmates' family and friends and markets to them, unlike anyone else.

  • Most Economic Gain: Through all of our features, we provide the most avenues for your county to earn money. Commissary, Video Visitation, Phone Integration, Inmate E-Mail and SMS, PictureMail plus improved employee efficiency all impact your bottom-line revenue, productivity, and morale.

  • Performance: Our system works. We monitor our kiosks all day, every day and have strict guidelines set in place to maximize our performance. Ask about our 99.9% up-time!

We love being innovative, got a great idea that would help your facility? Let us know!
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