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How can TKC refine your commissary program?

TKC helps facilities to construct just the right set up for their location. With TKC, you are not stuck with a one-size fits all solution but a customized selection of solutions and products perfect for your location and staff.  Here's what our commissary program can do for you:


  • All orders are placed with zero involvement of your staff.

  • Inmates order all commissary offerings directly from the kiosks, located in the housing units.

  • Account history allows inmates to track their own fund usage.

  • Kiosks are multi-lingual and display images for commissary product selection.

  • Limits can be set by dollar amount or by product to prevent hoarding.

  • Privileges can be revoked at any time if abuse of misbehavior occurs.

  • 24/7 access grows revenue as much as 300% compared to brown bag programs.

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