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Commissary & Vending

Commissary and Vending are pillars of our company's development. We pride ourselves on technique and technology as a industry leader in commissary services. Our practices minimize damage and missing items. This unique software works hard to eliminate missing and out of stock items!


  • All orders are placed with zero involvement of your staff.

  • Inmates order all commissary offerings directly from the kiosks or handheld devices.

  • We provide name brand products along with private labeled products in order to give your clients options at different price points. 

  • Account history allows inmates to track their own fund usage and purchases.

  • Kiosks are multi-lingual and display images for commissary product selection.

  • Staff can set limits by dollar amount, quantity, or by product at any time.

  • Privileges can be revoked at any time if abuse or misbehavior occurs.

  • Customizable delivery options - from delivery schedule to packaging. 


  • Say goodbye to Smart Cards, and hello to a convenient, hassle-free way to purchase favorite snacks and drinks. 

  • Our Vending Hubs are equipped with a simple and user-friendly interface that allows clients to use their existing account balance to make purchases. 

  • Staff can place restriction for product type and quantity, setting daily limits, disciplinary actions, or adding usage time frames. 

  • Real-time inventory management to keep your machines full. 

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