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TKC Telecom, LLC

Our customers tell us that their phone service is too complicated. Pricing structure and contracts are too complex, and they get complaints about inmates family and friends receiving poor service. Our goal is to change all that ...

Flat Rates starting at:
$0.12/ minute

Insight Analytics

Get to know TKC Insight, our add-on investigative phone analytics system, available for those locations that want the most detail and information possible.

What does TKC Insight do?
  • Works with your existing TKC Telecom System.
  • May improve sound quality.
  • Know who your inmates are talking to in seconds with call mapping.
  • Speaker identification for inmates and non-inmates.
  • Identify pin imposters.
  • Reports & Graphs with user defined ranges.
  • Translation to transcription tools allow you to decipher over 50 languages.
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