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TurnKey Corrections pioneered the use of Inmate Kiosk in 2003 offering Inmate Account access and cashless vending.  Since then our Kiosk solutions have expanded to include Inmate Commissary, Inmate Messaging, Inmate
E-Mail, Video Visitation, PREA Compliance, Mobile Applications, and More ...

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Our Vision
We are proud of our existing solutions and continue to adapt to and anticipate new client requirements with an unwavering commitment to the quality, value and constant innovations our clients have come to expect.

The technology era is upon us and has transformed many parts of our lives.  However, in some industries solution providers are slow to adapt to these changes. This creates "gaps" between what can be done and what is being done. We are bridging the gap and pioneering new solutions to the Corrections Industry every day.

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Public service Kiosks improve the service levels offered to the public, reduce staff time, and increase potential revenues to the facility. Learn more about our Public Lobby Kiosk features - Cash Deposit, Credit Card Deposit, Bail Deposit, Commissary Orders, Visitation Scheduling and advanced security.

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